14 of our favorite Splice YouTube videos of 2022

In 2022, we dropped over 100 videos on the Splice YouTube channel spanning production tutorials, plugin showcases, artist breakdowns, and more.

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Though we love them all, below we’ve highlighted 14 videos from this year that were among our favorites.

Full-length videos:

1. Best free plugins of 2022

We go over our revamped list of the top free music production plugins that you need to try out in 2022—make sure you don’t miss any of these going into the new year.

2. Learn music theory in 15 minutes

Music theory doesn’t have to be intimidating—watch as we we unlock the fundamentals in just 15 minutes.

3. How to make a dancehall track with Di Genius in 10 minutes

Di Genius (Drake, Shakira) sat down with us in the studio to showcase how to make a dancehall track in less than ten minutes.

4. 6 mixing tips I wish I knew earlier

Are you making these mixing mistakes going into 2023? In this video, we discuss six key mixing tips that will be applicable for your entire career as a musician, regardless of your experience level or preferred genres.

5. 5 tips to level up your production with Sky Rompiendo (J Balvin)

Legendary producer Sky Rompiendo shares some of the top tips he has gathered over the span of his career, from production techniques to how he approaches collaboration and creative relationships.

6. 4 tips for chord progressions I wish I knew earlier

In this tutorial, we use the many instruments available in Arturia’s V Collection 9 to demonstrate four chord progression tips we wish we knew earlier.

7. How the music industry uses losses to win big

Are you aware of this key business concept? In this video, learn how some of the biggest artists today have used remixing and sampling as “loss leaders” to develop their fanbases and grow their careers.

8. How to use CoSo

Learn the ins-and-outs of how to use CoSo, our sound discovery app for iOS and Android.

YouTube Shorts:

9. One simple hack for hi-hat patterns

Do you ever feel like you’re doing too much with your hi-hat patterns? In this Shorts video, learn when to add flourishes and when to hold back.

10. 3 ways to reverse your 808s

Learn three ways to implement reverses that add movement and energy to your 808s.

11. How to turn samples into strong melodic ideas

Struggling to come up with melodies? In this video, we explore quick ways you can use samples as powerful jumping-off points.

12. How to create jazz chords in one minute

Learn about the most common jazz chord progression and how to apply it to your productions.

13. One loop, endless possibilities

Learn how to dissect a single drum loop to uncover numerous creative possibilities.

14. Things I wish I knew when I started producing (part 2)

Don’t go into 2023 without being aware of these timeless tips from Julie Schatz.

There’s more to come

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December 24, 2022

Nick Chen Content Marketing @ Splice. Nick Chen is a producer, performer, and educator under the aliases "nickthechen" and "Enix."