Top 5 Splice Artist Projects from 2014

Over the past year, Splice has become a bustling hub of creativity for producers around the world. Utilizing the cloud, we’ve enabled an entirely new approach to music collaboration and, in the process, spawned a boundless web of ideas, musings, original productions, remixes and VIPs. Looking back on 2014, it’s impossible not be enamored by the contributions of our community. With thousands of projects created and spliced over the past year, Splice has served as home for everyone from Laidback Luke, to dBridge, to Alesia, to the thriving populace of bedroom producers. Read on to check out some of the most popular projects of 2014. Sign up for Splice and open them in your DAW.

Splice’s Top 5 Most Popular Projects of 2014

5. Pryda Snare Recreation

Back in September, Splice compiled the history of the Pryda Snare, charting the sample’s history from its inception to its widespread replication. Taken from the Pryda classic, “Miami 2 Atlanta,” the snare went on to become a major feature in big room house and is still a popular component of the genre to this day. The characteristic crash is readily identifiable thanks to its reverb-washed tail and super-compressed sound, and has been incorporated by everyone from Martin Garrix to TJR. Fittingly, Splice’s recreation of the sample is one of the most popular projects of the year.

 4. Walden – Airodime (Original Mix)

Progressive house is alive and well thanks to artists like Walden. The Australian producer isn’t even 20 years old and he’s already been signed to Big Beat Records. Back in May, Walden shared his biggest track of the year, “Airodime,” with Splice. Many have likened his sound to Swedish stars like Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso and it’s clear to see why when listening to the original — it’s big, bold, and expertly produced. Walden said of the track: “Airodime is a special record for me because it is the first mixdown and master that I have done that I am truly 100% happy with and proud of.”

3. Figure & Dirty Deeds – The Blob (Original Mix)

Master of suspenseful sound design and spine-chilling samples, Figure is revered in the bass music world. The Indiana producer had a myriad of tracks to choose from to share with Splice, yet he decided to pick one of his (and fans’) favorites, “The Blob.” His collaboration with Dirty Deeds first arrived around Halloween last year as part of Monsters Vol. 4 and is likely one of his heaviest tracks to date. Figure said of the project: “I wanted to share this session because its one of my favorite songs I have worked on. Not only is it a good example of how I write songs, but it also has in session mastering.”

2. Laidback Luke – Stepping To The Beat (Original Mix)

Laidback Luke is well-known in the producer community for being one of the most conscientious artists in the industry. From running a popular forum to providing feedback by email and social media, the Dutch producer continually goes out of his way to help aspiring artists. In late November, Luke took the next step by partnering up with Splice to showcase his project file for “Stepping To The Beat.” The Mixmash single proved one of his biggest tracks of the year, which is saying a lot for a producer as prolific as Luke.

1. Henry Fong & J-Trick – Scream (Original Mix)

Splice’s most popular project of the year also happens to be one of the biggest big room house tracks of the year, “Scream.” A collaboration between Henry Fong and J-Trick, the track became an immediate festival favorite upon release. Landing on Tiesto’s Musical Freedom, the collaboration showcases the best of both producer’s abilities, from Fong’s knack for mainstage melodies to J-Trick’s savvy Melbourne sound design. Fong said of the collaboration: “The track itself is only 35 channels, and was built purely for us to play out in our live sets. We wanted to highlight how simplicity translates really well to the dancefloor.” With 75,000 plays and nearly 7,000 total splices, it’s Splice’s most active, and receptive, project file to date.

December 29, 2014