Welcome Feature Updates Coming to Apple’s GarageBand Software

Apple has recently announced that its GarageBand music composition and production software will be will be receiving a substantial upgrade in just a couple of weeks. The music application (just $5 at the Apple store) will offer even more instruments and sounds than previous versions, with a renewed focus on enhancing instrument playability and expression controls. Sign up for Splice to learn more about GarageBand, get a sense of its capabilities and download full projects below.


This blog post mentions Splice Studio, which is no longer active. Learn more about the shutdown here.

Perhaps the most interesting feature addition is that of the Transform Pad, which is a smart macro controller reminiscent of a similar module found within Camel Audio’s Alchemy, which was acquired by Apple earlier this year. The controller allows users to morph sounds by changing multiple parameters at once in harmony, all with a single click and drag of the mouse.

The update also includes as many as 10 new drum libraries and 100 new synth sounds that are largely tailored for modern EDM and hip-hop projects and include Sweeping Arp, Droplets, Bright Punchy Synth, Pumping Synth Waves, Epic Hook Synth, and more. Its June 30th release date coincides with Apple’s launch of Apple Music, the innovative streaming music service that’s been making waves since its official announcement at this year’s WWDC.

These new features further solidify GarageBand’s position as one of the most cost-effective music production solutions available. Stay tuned for more updates and download full Garageband projects on Splice to explore some of its many capabilities and features.

June 16, 2015