Figure (OWSLA/DOOM) Releases Ableton Live Session of “The Blob”

Forward-thinking dubstep artist Figure is offering up his full Ableton Live project of “The Blob” with collaborator Dirty Deeds. Producer fans are able to pull the curtain back on the bass-heavy track and dig into the session to learn more about Figure’s creative process.

After splicing “The Blob,” here’s what we’re already learning:

  • The master channel has Ableton Live-only devices and all mastering was done in this session
  • We lost count of how many variations there are for the mid-bass synth
  • The kick drum has some great filter automation using Ableton Live’s Auto Filter
  • High hats are grouped with the bass and synths
  • Great overall mixing using Live’s built-in plugins

…and much more! We’re giving exclusive access to beta with Figure’s “The Blob.” Use the link below to sign up for Splice and download Figure’s Ableton Live project.

An open-minded Figure had this message for fans:

“I wanted to share this session because it’s one of my favorite songs I have worked on. Not only is it a good example of how I write songs, but it also has in-session mastering. The session is my example of how sometimes the wrong way is the right way, my way. Remix it, steal sounds, or just learn from it… Enjoy!”

June 11, 2014

Brett Kernan Brett helps lead the Artist Partnerships team at Splice.