The 5 best free VST / AU compressor plugins (with free presets)

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Compression is an indispensable tool for the music producer, found across individual tracks, mix buses, and mastering chains.

The versatile effect is used for narrowing dynamic range, manipulating amplitude envelopes, peak limiting, and more.

Compressors are also well known for having distinct characteristics depending on the circuitry (or in the digital world, the programming,) of the particular model. This raises the question – which compressor works best for you?

Up next in our “Best of Free VST” series, we searched for five of the best free compression VST / AU plugins out there. All the plugins listed have versions compatible with both Mac and Windows and are relatively up-to-date with current operating systems. Some are available directly from Splice’s Plugins catalog.

Be sure to check out the Splice project at the bottom of this article for a demo of the five plugins along with a download of our free custom presets!

1. Rough Rider by Audio Damage


As you might guess from the name, Audio Damage’s Rough Rider is a compressor best suited for aggressive pumping rather than subtle attenuation. The compressor has a warm, vintage sound that can add desirable harmonic content to a drum buss or lead guitar. If you’re going for transparency, look elsewhere, but for compression that leaves its mark Rough Rider will do the job.

Download the free plugin here: Rough Rider

Rough Rider is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 and later versions as well as Windows 8 and later versions.

2. MJUCjr by Klanghelm


Klanghelm’s MJUCjr is a compressor that gets a lot of mileage out of minimal controls. A single “Compress” dial manages the ratio and threshold of the compression, while the three-position “Time Constraints” switch simultaneously controls the attack and release times.

Its digital emulation of tube compression provides some colorful saturation, and the compressor can handle smooth attenuation as well as more aggressive pumping. MJUCjr certainly isn’t a compressor intended to be deliberately fine-tuned, but some experimentation can create surprisingly pleasing results (and save the headache of adjusting a dozen parameters).

Download the free plugin here: MJUCjr

MJUCjr is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and later versions as well as Windows 7 and later versions.

3. SAFE Compressor by Semantic Audio


The SAFE Compressor is a relatively transparent compressor that excels in subtlety in comparison to the biting Rough Rider or tube-emulating MJUCjr. It has all your standard compressor parameters (threshold, ratio, knee, attack, release, and gain) alongside a simple graphic display that offers a visual reference for your compression curve.

What makes the SAFE Compressor unique is how the user can upload and download custom presets made by other users via Semantic Audio’s server. This nifty feature allows for the SAFE Compressor to have an unlimited number of presets that can be experimented with endlessly.

Download the free plugin here: SAFE Compressor

SAFE Reverb is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and later as well as Windows and Linux.

4. DCAM FreeComp by FXpansion


FXpansion’s DCAM FreeComp is a circuit-modelled compressor that can deliver some extra punch to a track. Its ratio dial locks at 3 positions, delivering options of gentle attenuation, moderate compression, and near-limiting aggression.

The UI has a classic look featuring an analog-inspired meter that can toggle between output metering and gain reduction metering. Use DCAM FreeComp modestly to tame peaks and glue tracks together, or crank up the settings for some energetic pumping and envelope shaping.

Download the free plugin here: DCAM FreeComp

DCAM FreeComp is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.8 and later versions as well as Windows 7 and later versions.

5. OTT by Xfer Records


Xfer Records bring the same quality and edge found in Serum (their flagship wavetable synthesizer) to the OTT compressor. This compressor remains minimalistic in its controls while featuring unique functionalities such as upwards and downwards compression as well as multiband capabilities.

OTT shines brightest in genres such as dubstep or electro where it can be used for aggressive envelope manipulation or limiting at higher Depth settings. Used properly, the OTT compressor can rival many commercial compressors in the market.

Download the free plugin here: OTT

OTT is compatible with Mac OS X as well as Windows.

Get free presets

Download our custom presets for all five free compressors here.

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October 26, 2018

Harrison Shimazu

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