Dive into the DNA of summer hits with Switched on Pop

This summer, Splice is proud to partner with Switched on Pop to break down classic summer hits from the ’60s to the ’00s.

Switched on Pop is a podcast about popular music hosted by musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding. Every other Thursday, Switched on Pop breaks down popular music to figure out what makes a hit song. They invite acclaimed artists, songwriters, and thinkers to enliven the discussion with their musical experience.

For the summer of 2018, Switched On Pop is dissecting the hit songs of summers past in partnership with Splice. Listen to the 5-episode Switched on Summer series, starting with a breakdown of the Beach Boys’ classic “I Get Around.”

The partnership with Splice

Switched On Pop has created exclusive content to help Splice users dive into the DNA of the biggest summer hits. Something new will be published on Splice coinciding with each new episode starting July 12th.

July 11, 2018