Splice Sounds: Sébastien Léger’s Funky Tech House Pack

As a part of their coveted artist series, Loopmasters released a hidden gem last year featuring the sounds of French house legend Sebastien Leger.  This sample pack includes over 600 sounds, many of which have been created by Leger himself and used in his own productions. Find the pack here.

This blog post mentions Splice Studio, which is no longer active. Learn more about the shutdown here.

In particular, the percussion in this pack is extremely strong.  The loops are all creatively sequenced which makes it easy to get ideas flowing, The synth loops are strong as well, and can serve as starting points for ideas.  This is a perfect go-to sample pack for when you have writer’s block.

Just using this sample pack, I attempted to get some ideas flowing for a track.  By throwing a few loops together, it was quite easy to give myself a starting point and get going in the right direction. I look forward to using these sounds in some other tracks I’m working, and I’m excited to see what can happen with the starting ideas that loops from this pack were able to give me!

Feel free to use this as a starting base as I did for your own ideas. Although the pack is marketed for Tech House, these loops can definitely work for many other genres. Show us what you can do with just a few loops!

July 31, 2015