Splice Sounds: Introducing Artist Repacks

Splice Sounds is a first of its kind subscription that allows producers to choose only the sounds they need (including samples, loops, and audio files), curate a useful collection, and easily pull them right into their DAW. Subscribers have access to a growing database of 500,000 sounds and 1500 sample packs provided by our flagship partner, Loopmasters.

Now subscribers can easily exchange their favorite samples & loops with friends by sharing their own custom repacks. They’re sort of like “sample playlists.” Explore collections of hand-picked samples from top producers like Kasum, KJ Sawka & more.


Kasum Repack

Des McMahon Repack

Collect your favorite sounds from any pack and make your own repacks to share with friends or the Splice community. Repacks are a great way to get inspiration from artists and other users. Check out other repacks from the community here!

August 19, 2015