Rui Da Silva (Nervous Records) Shares Full Ableton Live Session for “Event Horizon”

Rui Da Silva is perhaps best known for his #1 dance hit “Touch Me”, which was released several years ago and skyrocketed this Portugal-based producer into international stardom. Today, he is releasing a brand new remix on Nervous Records titled “Event Horizon” originally by Lisbon Kid. To celebrate this release, he’s opening up the full Ableton Live session to the world on Splice! To access the session, sign up for a free Splice account so you can dive in and create your own version. This is also a great way to learn production techniques from masters of the craft. Be sure to explore to expanded DNA Player below to read Rui’s own annotations which describe how he approached creating this track.

Here’s what Andrew Salsano, A&R for Nervous Records had to say about releasing the session on Splice:

“The Nervous ethos over the years has pretty much remained the same to date; find quality, forward thinking tracks from up and coming producers within the music industry.  Back in the early 90s, the ethos focused on the burgeoning NY dance music community, and as technology changed over the years we have adapted to our environment.  Those same high quality forward thinking tracks could now be sought from people around the country and across the oceans as digitization became the norm.

25 years ago in order to see how a session is being created with comments from the producer himself would probably be by subscription magazine or a similar medium.  Recent years have showed us inside the minds and studios of world class DJs and Producers via YouTube such as Producer Masterclass, Future Music, etc.  Splice now takes that 1 step further, with not only commentary notes within the production session but the session itself that is downloadable.  I am excited to see how as both Nervous and Rui are veterans of the industry, we can come together with a fresh faced approach and excite the next round of up and coming quality, forward thinking producers.”

Buy “Event Horizon” on Beatport.

December 2, 2014