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We’ve been making Splice’s core offerings better—way better.

Here’s a recap of what’s new.

We’re always working to make your Splice experience better. And in the past few months, we’ve been really proud of what we’ve done. So we thought we’d compile a list of the new features added to Splice, which we hope make your music making journey more fulfilling.

Improvements to our search experience

Back in November 2022, we tweaked our search engine to provide more relevant results to your searches. Now, our search experience is optimized for meaningful musical terms like ‘hip hop’ and instrument types like ‘snare,’ and returns results that make more sense in the context of music production.

We supercharged Similar Sounds

In December, we updated Similar Sounds, our machine learning powered sample discovery feature. Now, it’s more visible— you can always dive into Similar Sounds by clicking or tapping on the icon with two circles. It’s also easier to use; the Similar Sounds sidebar works in a more seamless way. But most importantly, we’ve added another dimension to the Similar Sounds paradigm to make it more powerful—you can now run the Similar Sounds process on any of the matches in your SImilar Sounds sidebar for truly endless inspiration.

Updates to Recommended For You

We’ve refreshed the Recommended For You section on the Splice Sounds home page, which suggests packs you might like based on sounds you’ve previously downloaded. We’ve switched it up to provide fresh recommendations on a daily basis, so you’re never stuck for new ideas.

Generate a certified license for your Splice samples

With a new feature we launched in January 2023, you can generate a certified license PDF for your Splice samples, so you can avoid confusing copyright headaches when submitting your music to distribution services. Learn more here.

Download Splice samples from your browser

We’ve turned on a feature that lets you download individual sounds from your web browser. This is perfect when you’re on the go — maybe you’re in a collaborator’s studio and you need to grab some sounds. Learn all about the new feature here.

We made audio improvements to previews

Since 2015, we’ve applied processing to our audio previews to make comparing different sounds easier. Now, we’ve turned off this processing, so that the sound you download sounds exactly as it did in the preview. Read more here.

We have a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the next few months—keep your eyes peeled on the blog and our new newsfeed for the latest Splice news.

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March 8, 2023