CoSo by Splice: Ableton Live Export is the quickest path from idea to DAW

The latest update to CoSo, our sound discovery app for iOS and Android, offers the option to save your Stack as an Ableton Live Session, complete with layer volumes, pitch offset, and time-stretch settings.

This means you can bring musical sketches to completion faster than ever using the full power of Ableton Live.

Picture this: You make a Stack in CoSo on your phone while out and about. The beat sticks in your head as you go about your day, and you add some layers with fresh ears on your way home—new instrumentation and vocal layers from Splice’s legendary sample library. You share with friends and collaborators, tweak your mix based on their feedback, and get to a point where your track is coming together.

What next? Well, if you’re an Ableton Live user and a Splice subscriber, you can now keep the fire burning in your DAW with the tap of a button.

Just select ‘Export to Ableton Live’ from the share menu in your Stack, and then head over to Splice Desktop, open the Projects tab, and click ‘Download.’ Your Stack opens fully assembled as a new Ableton Live Session, complete with volume and pitch adjustments to make your layers fit perfectly together—and sound exactly the same as they did in CoSo.

We launched CoSo in April 2022 as a sound discovery tool designed to let you follow your creative instincts while discovering the Splice catalog. CoSo uses revolutionary AI tech to provide billions of musical outcomes using sounds that belong together from across the Splice sample library.

Not an Ableton Live user?

You can still build your Stack in a DAW manually. First, locate the layers of all of your saved Stacks in the ‘Stacks’ tab of Splice Desktop. Then, drag-and-drop the sounds into individual tracks in your DAW. From there, follow the pitch offset guides for each sample, and make volume adjustments to rebuild your Stacks.

This technology is now also available on our web experience via Create:

November 1, 2022