Ken Loi (Megaton Records) shares full Ableton Live session of “Kona”

With releases on Mixmash, Big Beat, Dim Mak, Musical Freedom and more, Ken Loi is known for his impeccable remixes, mashups, and progressive originals. A DJ/producer for years, Ken’s breakout moment came back in 2009 after placing first place in Tiësto’s “Knock You Out” Beatportal contest, earning him continued success alongside the veteran. With his latest, “Kona” out now on Megaton Records, Ken brings the energy for a massive electro house original. Ken and Megaton are offering the Splice community the full Ableton Live session of “Kona” to remix or learn from.

Hey guys, really excited to share my latest release ‘Kona’ with you! It’s a fairly straightforward track and this will give you an idea of how I work. Although a lot of channels but I like to have each element separate as I’m working! I tend to mix as I go so this allows me to adjust parts easily. So I hope you find this helpful or interesting! Feel free to leave questions in the comments below and I’ll try to give some explanations 🙂 – Ken Loi

Megaton Records is excited to try something new with this release, saying, “Not only is Ken a very talented producer, but working with him and his team has been nothing but a pleasure. He is open to new ideas and marketing campaigns that has enabled us to think outside the box in promoting the release of his new single, that other artists aren’t always up for.”

September 30, 2014

Brett Kernan Brett helps lead the Artist Partnerships team at Splice.