Josh Spoon Releases Tutorial Series for Creating Unique Ableton Live Racks

Josh Spoon is a music producer, writer and educator based in California. He produces what he calls “transport music,” that takes the listener on a journey stemming from his deep roots in hip-hop and low end culture. In addition to producing music, he’s also written music technology articles as a contributor to various outlets. As an educator, Josh has released many videos on his own YouTube channel including his “30 Days of Push with Ableton Live” series. He’s also a Splice user.

Recently, Josh released a brand new 20-part video series called “The Joy Of Racks” where he teaches the ins and outs of creating unique Ableton Live racks. You can check out one of the project files for his “HAAS” rack on Splice below and follow along with the video so you can learn how to create it step-by-step.


Here are some of the Ableton Live Racks you will learn to create in the full video series:

  1. The different types of Ableton Live racks you can create
  2. How to build racks that can help you streamline your production and live performance
  3. How to grow your creativity and build racks that represent you

The videos in this series are:

  • Intro
  • What Are Ableton Live Racks
  • Audio Basics
  • MIDI Basics
  • Instrument Rack Basics
  • Drum Racks Basics
  • Types of Racks
  • Signal Flow
  • Simple Slapback Rack (Audio Effect Rack)
  • HAAS A Matter Wit Chew (Audio Effect Rack)
  • Close to the Edge Rack (Audio Effect Rack)
  • Crazy Xyl Rack (Instrument Effect Rack)
  • Simple Drum Rack
  • Slice to New MIDI (Drum Rack)
  • Step Juan Rack (MIDI Effect Rack)
  • Velocity Raptor (MIDI Effect Rack)
  • Sustain Jane (MIDI Effect Rack)
  • My Favorite Martian (Instrument Rack)
  • VSTs (Instrument Rack)
  • Outro
  • Side Chain Frequencies (Video only)

The Joy of Racks:

August 27, 2014