Introducing Beat Maker for Splice Sounds

Sounds subscribers can now create beats with nearly 1 million sounds, download their favorite samples, and export MIDI to use directly in any DAW.


What’s New

We are very excited to announce that the Splice Beat Maker, our web-based sequencer for creating lightning-fast beats, is now integrated with Splice Sounds like never before. Subscribers can browse samples and sketch out their next track idea before even using a single credit. This new integration allows Sounds subscribers to load samples from our catalog of nearly 1 million sounds, download their favorites right from the Beat Maker, and even export their finished beats as MIDI files to use in any DAW.


How it Works

beat maker access

Beat Maker can be accessed on the left-hand navigation menu of the Sounds platform or via the sampler located at the bottom of the Sounds browser. Drag sounds you find directly into the sampler and click into the Beat Maker to start working with your favorite discoveries.


Use your favorite Sounds

beat maker likes

In addition to loading sounds into the sampler, you can also add your favorite sounds from your likes, downloads, and repacks. Swap out your newest discoveries to hear how the sounds go together before downloading.


Expand on your Beats

beat maker downloadWith this new extension of Beat Maker available on Splice Sounds, any sequence you create can seamlessly translate into your next project. With our new download & export features, you can quickly download the samples from your beat and export the MIDI into your DAW. Keep your creative juices flowing from the moment you begin your sample hunt right up until you make your first save! If you’re not already a Sounds user, you can start exploring sounds right now with a 14-day free trial.


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April 14, 2016

Matteo Malinverno Matteo Malinverno is a New York-based music producer currently working on the Content team at Splice.