Splice x Indaba FAQ

Q: What will happen to my Indaba Music identity – music, badges, profile?

A: In short, nothing! Your submissions, badges, and profile will remain intact.

Q: What can I do on Splice? Without a CC? What type of Opportunities will we see from Splice?

A: Splice is here to help you create faster, better, and stronger. Armed with a library of over one million sounds, the most popular plugins, and cloud-based backup and collaboration tools, Splice and Indaba are committed to building a community for all music makers! Regardless of your membership status you’ll have access to remix contests, weekly Firestarters, and much more on the horizon.

Q: What will happen to communication on Indaba Music – discussion boards, listening party, comments, etc?

A: Garrett and Brian will be monitoring the discussion boards, listening party, and comments as normal. Any questions you may have should be directed to Support for the quickest response

Q: What’s going on with Indaba Sync?

A: Indaba Sync will continue to make select placements from the existing catalog. Your new contact for any questions, comments or concerns will be licensing@indabamusic.com.

Q: Will my Indaba Music account login work on Splice?

A: No. However, you can create a free account on Splice.

Q: Where can I give my input (questions, comments, concerns)?

A: We are happy to respond to any questions, comments, and concerns via the Listening Party or Support link. There will also be a community survey distributed that will offer a chance for you to give input into the new era of community on Splice!

For any other questions, please email Brian via our Support link.


February 26, 2018