Splice x Indaba

A new chapter of community for musicians.

Today we have some exciting news. We’re proud to announce that Splice has acquired Indaba Music.

Since 2013, we at Splice have been devoted to evolving the way musicians create and collaborate. Through our products Sounds, Studio, and Plugins, we’ve focused on getting the best creative content and tools into the hands of modern musicians.

We’ve also provided a platform where musicians can connect and participate in creation opportunities through the Splice Community. Today, however, marks a new and exciting chapter for community on Splice. As a longtime leader in the music space, Indaba Music pioneered many of the types of opportunities for musicians to create, collaborate, and gain exposure, from remix competitions with high-profile artists to contests for licensing placements with major brands. Over the years, Indaba has connected its community of musicians to over a thousand opportunities with a diverse array of artists and brands like Jack Antonoff, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Robert Glasper, Chainsmokers, Converse, Red Bull, X-Box, Sony Electronics, and hundreds more.

Now, that expertise and energy comes to Splice, where we will begin to expand on the number and types of opportunities we offer to help musicians thrive. We’re inaugurating the new era with the launch of Firestarters, a weekly series of creative challenges designed to inspire our community to create and connect. Check it out here.

At Splice, we talk about building an open ecosystem for musicians. When we say “open,” we’re referencing our desire to foster a culture of openness in music where musicians create fearlessly, share more and collaborate in new ways. And when we say “ecosystem” we mean a vibrant place where today’s musicians can find everything they need to thrive: from content, to tools, to each other. With the acquisition of Indaba, we are that much closer to creating the open ecosystem we envision.

It’s an exciting time for us at Splice, but more importantly, it’s an exciting time for you: the musicians we’re here to serve and empower. We’re excited to hear what you’ll create.

Steve Martocci & Dan Zaccagnino

February 26, 2018