How to make a wobble pad in Circle2

In this tutorial series we walk through building some handy synth presets so you can hit the ground running with circle2 within minutes.

Start with an oscillator

Step 1     

04-wobble-01-Start with an oscillator

  • Choose “Wavetable” for the first oscillator.
  • Pick wavetable “0 classic saw” as the first wavetable
  • Pick wavetable “85 nicosia” as the second wavetable
  • Bring the crossfade down to 0.4

Note: By mixing the classic saw shape with wavetable “85 Nicosia” we create a texture rich in the higher harmonics spectrum. This will leave a nice texture when filtered.

Sculpt the Source

Step 2

04-wobble-02-Step 2

  • Head over to the green envelope to the top right of the synth.
  • Adjust the attack to 0.03 seconds
  • Adjust the sustain to 1 seconds
  • Adjust the release to 0.3 seconds

Step 3

04-wobble-03-Step 3

  • Activate the “Dual Filter” in the middle effects section.
  • Adjust reso 1 to 0.83
  • Adjust reso 2 to 0.93
  • Switch the second frequency (highlighted orange) to a bandpass filter
  • Adjust freq 2 to 950hz
  • Change the filter mode from serial to parallel

Note: Circle 2’s dual filter is a great feature, especially when used in parallel mode. In parallel mode, the the audio signal is split into two sources that feed into Filter 1/ Filter 2 independently.

Dial in some effects

Step 4

04-wobble-04-Step 4

  • Activate “Chorus” from the bottom “Effects” tab.
  • Take the Mix slider down to about 25%
  • Take Out slider up to about 90%
  • Dial up the Depth to 0.832
  • Change the wave shape to a sine wave

Note: The chorus effect is great for widening the sound and adding more texture.

Modulate the synth

Step 5

04-wobble-05-Step 5

  • Activate the second modulator (purple) and switch it to “Sequencer.”
  • Select the little dropdown menu, and on the top right of the module, select the “morning” preset
  • Bring to Rate to bpm/8
  • Adjust the Smooth parameter to 0.2

Tip: You can click on the sequencer preset dropdown (top right) and save your custom sequences/LFO shapes.

Step 6

  •  Drag the Purple Modulator (from the envelope) circle onto:
  • The freq 1 parameter of the dual filter
  • The freq 2 parameter of the dual filter
  • Adjust the modulation amount of freq 2 to 0.291

Note: Modulating both filter frequencies by different amounts can give more dynamic sounds.

You’re now one step closer to mastering circle2. Keep building your skill set with our other Circle2 tutorials.

November 30, 2017

Nick Chen Content Marketing @ Splice. Nick Chen is a producer, performer, and educator under the aliases "nickthechen" and "Enix."