G-High names 5 K-pop producers to watch

G-High is a Korean composer, producer, and lyricist.

One of the founders of the production and publishing company MonoTree, G-High has produced for several artists including the iconic K-pop group LOONA, on songs such as “ViViD,” “The Carol,” “Butterfly,” and more.

In celebration of the release of his latest sample pack, G-High sat down with us to share five K-pop producers / topliners that are worth keeping an eye (and ear) on.


G-High: “BUMZU is one of the most powerful producers in the K-pop scene. He’s been working as a producer for SEVENTEEN and NU’EST for a long time, and he’s also a topliner at the same time. He always has a blueprint in his mind and knows how to get the exact vibe from the track maker or from himself.”

“The thing that makes him the most successful as a producer is his energy. When he makes a song, he loses himself in it and shows all the energy to his collaborators, and keeps staying in those vibes until it’s done. Sometimes, he’s really quick at making a song—he doesn’t get bothered by small details, but tries to focus on the feeling. He takes care of the other aspects later.”

“I was always happy to work with BUMZU—he knows where to go and how to lead the way without losing the feeling for a song. In a couple of hours, we can usually see the big-picture outcome with all the energy and vibes. He also makes all the artists who work with him believe in him in the recording sessions—and you can feel that directly from his songs when you listen to them.”


“BADD made a lot of killer tracks for LOONA and tripleS. He usually designs the most unique sounds, yet also the most popular sounds. Even before the actual mix, his sound is so completed. It’s like a well-organized house that contains every piece of furniture it’s supposed to have.”

“The special thing about him is that he produces for all kinds of genres, yet always makes the best sounds. Even the way he uses chords is more about sounds that serve as tools for the whole song—this always makes his songs feel so well made. He explores new sounds every time, and figures out the best way to translate them into K-pop. I’m always happy to listen to his new creative outcomes.”


“YELO is one of the best singers who can express herself naturally without overacting. She has many masks and personas while she’s singing—this makes her not only a great artist, but also a great topliner. She always changes herself to fit the tracks, and shows great expressive abilities every time.”

“You can listen to her own songs to hear how full of a spectrum she has as a musician. She made two title songs for tripleS as a topliner and showed the talent she has as a melody maker for modern K-pop dance tunes. She doesn’t just follow the usual musical expectations of K-pop, but instead achieves perfect sounds for new directions in the genre.”

4. Lee Junoh (Casker)

“Lee Junoh is a treasure in K-pop—not only for idol music, but for the entire industry. He’s been an electronic artist (Casker) from the beginning of K-pop electronic music, and now he’s the music director of the K-movie that got the most love calls.”

“His experimental sounds defined new ideas for the world of K-pop movie OSTs. He doesn’t follow the stereotypical instrumental, and always finds different ways of expression. Even if he uses recorded string sounds, for example, he tweaks all the sonic details and makes his own style. He’s one of the most long-established musicians in Korea, but always brings the newest sounds and techniques in his work.”

5. Janet Suhh

“If I were to pick the most talented artist who has the most potential in 2023, I’ll pick Janet Suhh without hesitating. She has a great voice, and shows great feelings with it. Whatever kind of music she makes, she’ll put her originality in it; it would sound like Janet Suhh. She’s unique and makes people focus on her music. As an artist, she usually works on OST music, but via new K-pop idol albums you can listen to her unique songs and get a whole new vibe.”

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August 18, 2023

Harrison Shimazu

Harrison Shimazu is a composer, content strategist, and writer who’s passionate about democratizing music creation and education. He leads the Splice blog and produces vocaloid music as Namaboku.