Fox Stevenson Releases the Logic X Project File for “High Five”

Fox Stevenson joins the Splice community with the release of the project file to his massive hit off of 2014’s Throwdown EP, “High Five.” He stands out in the EDM scene as not only a producer and DJ, but also as a live musician; playing and recording vocals, guitar, bass, and drums.

The “High Five” project is an epic affair, using 140+ tracks to create this big room stomper. Combing layers of lead synths with precisely produced drums and his own vocals, ‘High Five’ culminates in an epic dance floor track with a great musical flow. Check out how he uses Native Instrument’s soft synth Massive prolifically with amazing results.

You can sign up for Splice to download the full Logic X session and view Fox Stevenson’s annotations in the expanded DNA Player below to learn how the track was created.

January 15, 2015