Eric Sharp Talks Collaboration and Releasing “Wait Just Wait” with Whitney Fierce

LA based DJ and producer, Eric Sharp just released his latest collaboration for the dance floor with vocalist/producer Whitney Fierce called “Wait Just Wait”. You can sign up for Splice to download the full Ableton Live session for this song, create your own version and learn how it was created. You can also check out the expanded DNA Player (below) to view their annotations which will give you an inside look into their process and read the interview to hear about their experience with Splice.

After we’d written all of the elements and had nailed down a concept I got to work on laying out the whole track, knowing that we were taking a subtle and nuanced approach and that it should be way into the track before the elements were all present together. This type of a slow reveal is a different production style than making something with a short intro, build, and drop. Each has their merits and their applications. Oh and in Whitney’s words ‘I let Eric run with the arrangement since I knew he’d read my mind and put things where I already wanted them.’ (We actually do tend to ‘hear’ the same things when we’re writing together, it’s pretty special.) – Eric Sharp

Splice: In “Wait Just Wait”, what was the very first track you started with? Is that how you usually work?

Eric: We did the drums first. I’m all over the map; sometimes I start with drums, sometimes a melody is in my head and I lay it down and start with that, and other times I write a chord progression first.

Whitney: I usually lay down a 4/4 kick just to start with and then either go in with a bassline or some chords.

Splice: How did the collaboration with Whitney come about? Can tell us about your workflow together?

Eric: We’ve been writing music together ever since we met at her gig at The Lash. We have a very natural workflow because we are on the same page musically.

Whitney: We have a wonderfully complementary background in writing music. Where Eric comes from more of a DJ perspective, I’m a classically trained musician so our strengths complement each other.

Splice: In this track you’re using Sylenth1? Are there any other go-to third party plugins you use often?

Eric: I use a lot of Ableton’s native plugins but as far as 3rd party plugins go I use Sylenth a lot, Rob Papen’s Sub Boom Bass, and Massive. I’m also a big fan of Nexus.

Whitney: I used to be more of a Sylenth girl than I am now. It’s evolved into using Arturia – I kind of love everything the do and their analog emulators are amazing and fun to play with using their keyboards. I also like Soundtoys Decapitator too. For vocals I’m deep in Waves, specifically CLA vocals.

Splice: Can you tell us about your experience with Splice?

Eric: I haven’t been able to deep dive into Splice as my internet connection is unfortunately horrendously slow. I really dig the concept of cloud-based collaboration, as I work with a lot of people who aren’t in the same physical space as I am. I believe in sharing production secrets and being open-source, so I love the DNA player and the ability to explain exactly what’s going on in a session. Finally, I’m very impressed with how supportive the staff and user community has been so far.

Splice: What other projects are you working? Anything you want to tell us?

Eric: As far as production projects go I’ve just wrapped a remix for Whitney’s tune ‘The Night Air’ on her debut solo EP which will be out next month. I also have some really exciting original compositions in the works and hope to get them out this year. One features Gavin Turek on vocals; she’s an absolute dynamo. I have a couple of tracks I’m making with Tenova, whose remix of ‘Wait Just Wait’ can be viewed on Splice.

I’ve also got another track in the bag for Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire label – an acid house tune that I produced with Dave All The Rave from St Louis. Other things I want to tell you: thank you! You guys rock. And to everyone making music and reading this keep putting those good vibes out there! Music is a beautiful language and there’s always more to learn – I’m excited to be on this journey and hope to always stay teachable.

Whitney: I’m about to release my debut solo EP on RIS Labs. I also just released 2 collaborative tracks where I did vocals for Subb-An that were came out on Crosstown Rebels. I tour DJ for New Order sometimes too. I’m always interested in finding new collaborators as well so if you like my vocals feel free to give a shout.

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January 19, 2015