Check out 3 new features for CoSo, Splice’s music discovery app

We’ve added three new features to CoSo, our music discovery app for instant inspiration.

This article features an older version of our app—learn more about all of the latest features, and download the new Splice mobile app here.

These updates get you closer to completion in CoSo, where you create Stacks—loops of up to eight layers of Splice samples—using Splice’s own Complementary Sounds AI tech (a.k.a. CoSo).

CoSo reacts to your creative instincts by showing you Splice loops that complement your sound selection. Its AI combs Splice’s endless catalog of sounds to dig up loops from every style. With billions of musical outcomes under your thumb, CoSo is the perfect tool for getting ideas started.

1. Turn your Stacks into songs

The new Stacks Recording feature lets you hit record and perform with your Stack by muting and unmuting layers in real time. You can build song sections and capture arrangements—all from inside CoSo—so you can get closer to completion without leaving the app.

2. Mix your Stacks to perfection

Make your Stack your own by tweaking the level of each Layer to create the perfect mix. Drums need a boost? Crank them in CoSo. Synths too loud? Tweak the level to make everything fit. With a mixed Stack, you’re closer than ever to finishing something, and your Stack is uniquely yours.

3. Visualize your Stacks and get ideas out fast

CoSo now creates a unique video for any Stack, with visuals that move to your beat. Tap on “Share” to send the video to a collaborator, post to your socials, or save it to your camera roll for future feels.

These latest updates come hot on the heels of the CoSo launch earlier this year. CoSo works on iOS and Android, and it’s totally free to download.

Learn more about CoSo:

September 20, 2022