Announcing Transitions, the collaborative Creator Class sample pack

Splice and AIAIAI are excited to announce that Transitions, the collaborative sample pack created by our Creator Class participants, is now live on Splice Sounds.

Creator Class is a learning and outreach initiative that provides up-and-coming artists with the knowledge and resources they need to create professional sample content. This year, Splice and our partners at AIAIAI were thrilled to welcome six incredible artists—Mini Bear, Teddy Obot, Ricky Jab, Julianne Hope, The Grand Mess, and Carmela—to the legendary Studio A at Sound Factory in Los Angeles, where they learned sample creation best practices from our in-house producers as well as guest artists DiGenius and Tracey Brakes.

Thanks to AIAIAI’s TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ headphones, we were able to livestream the pack production sessions on Carmela and Mini Bear’s channels. Livestreaming can be challenging, even in a world-class facility like Sound Factory—the TMA-2s allowed the class’ participants to speak to the chat on an open mic without needing to monitor via speakers, which would have created undesired feedback.

“Collaboration is such a gift because it facilitates learning and creating something you may not have dreamed of creating on your own,” Mini Bear shares in her interview with AIAIAI. “It can feel so isolating creating on your own day-to-day, so having that accountability where everyone is committed to learning and evolving sparks so much inspiration for me.”

AIAIAI are joining us in celebrating the pack’s release by offering a 20% discount for the next 72 hours on all of the headphones and accessories on their online shop. You can access the discount here by using the promo code CREATORCLASS.

Enjoy the pack and the coupon, and keep your eyes peeled for updates on the next iteration of Creator Class!

Incorporate the sounds from Splice’s Creator Class into your own productions:

June 8, 2023

Max Rewak Max Rewak is a record producer, audio engineer, and music writer, based in New York and currently working in Sounds content at Splice.