Get acquainted with Ableton Live Lite and Splice Sounds

Before we can embark on our music production journey, we need to familiarize ourselves with our tools.

In the tutorial video above, we start from the very beginning: installing our DAW (digital audio workstation) and sounds library. For our DAW, we’ll be using Ableton Live Lite, an absolutely free workstation that’s both extremely popular and versatile, and for our sounds library, we’ll be using Splice Sounds, which allows us to pick and choose from millions of sounds.

From there, we open up each and explore key windows, functions, and features, while also putting together a rough musical idea. Feel free to follow along with the exact sounds we’re using, or take some time to explore and pick whatever is exciting to you!

This video is part of a larger guide for making your first track; once you’ve watched it and taken the time to get acquainted with these tools yourself, head back to our curriculum and move on to our introduction of music theory.

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October 20, 2020

Dani DiCiaccio Dani DiCiaccio is the Director of Content Merchandising & Marketing at Splice. She also produces music under the name KYOSi.