The 8 levels of 808s

808s have become a ubiquitous and favorite sound in popular music, found across a range of genres such as trap, R&B, hip hop, and pop.

Over time, producers have developed a wide array of techniques to transform and reimagine this simple but iconic sound. In celebration of 808 day (August 8th), we recently explored the 8 levels of 808s, spanning everything from basic sustains and glides to uncharted realms of 808 enlightenment.

If you like the examples heard throughout the video and want to experiment with them firsthand in your own DAW, feel free to download the MIDI files for the 808s and all stems here.

Is there a ninth level of 808s that we didn’t cover? Are there any other sounds that you want to see us explore? Let us know in the comments below.

August 12, 2020

Nick Chen Content Marketing @ Splice. Nick Chen is a producer, performer, and educator under the aliases "nickthechen" and "Enix."