10 drummers you need to subscribe to on YouTube

Drummers are without doubt some of the most fun content creators to watch on YouTube.

The indescribably satisfying feelings you get when hearing the perfect pocket groove or witnessing a mind-bending fill make drummers an absolute joy to watch. Whether you’ve never picked up a pair of drumsticks before or eat polyrhythms for breakfast, below are ten actively-posting drummers spanning longtime legends to up-and-comers who you should absolutely subscribe to on YouTube.

1. ZackGrooves

ZackGrooves immediately stands out from the crowd in how he intersects drumming with his infectious personality. Anything but a silent cover drummer, Zack opts to fill his channel with playful challenges, skits, gig vlogs, and more. However, these ‘content creator’ video formats are in no way a distraction from his musicianship—underneath all of his humor, Zach is a serious drummer who doesn’t shy away from putting his musical creativity on display, as you can see in his rare “just playin drums” video above. Whether you’re looking for CHOPS (read in his voice) or laughs or some unique combination of both, ZackGrooves is the total package.

2. Drummer Subin

Subin seemingly appeared out of nowhere in early 2019, with an incredibly groovy cover of Chromeo’s “Bedroom Calling, Part. 2” that was frankly way too good to be anyone’s first upload. Since then, she has continuously proved her incredible versatility as a drummer, covering everyone from Twice to Bring Me The Horizon. Her unique phrases, roomy kit sound, and ever-changing song choices all come together to make Subin a fun and exciting drummer to listen to.

3. Cobus

It’s hard to talk about drummers on YouTube without mentioning Cobus, whose impact on the platform is perhaps only rivaled by his frenemy COOP3RDRUMM3R. Even though he’s been uploading since 2006 (in glorious 240p), Cobus has somehow continued to improve and evolve with every new video. His performances exude confidence, innovation, and polish, and his ongoing legacy is an inspiring example of how far one can get if they stick to drumming (and content creation) with consistency, discipline, and heart.

4. The Pocket Queen

The Pocket Queen is someone who truly deservers her self-coined title. While she might not sport a one-hundred-piece kit or have the fanciest recording setup, she still sounds fantastic—and it’s because she’s an absolute expert at leaning into the groove and serving the song, perfectly hitting that sweet spot between underplaying and overplaying. Recently, she’s also been branching out with her content via her interactive #Road2Chops series, which is a must-watch alongside her Drumeo feature.

5. 桿子 Drumstick

桿子 Drumstick is a Taiwan-based drummer who focuses on anisongs, Hololive releases, and J-rock music. Tight, cool, and powerful, he’s one of those musicians who you wish were in your band. He’s also a champion of the electric kit in a sea of creators with acoustic ones, primarily using Roland’s V-Drum TD-30. And while not directly related to the drums, his multiple camera angles (including a first-person perspective) are also a welcome bonus that make his already high-quality covers even more engaging to watch.

6. Anika Nilles

It’s hard to believe that Anika Nilles didn’t take up the sticks professionally until the age of 26, because the wisdom she demonstrates as she navigates the kit very much suggests otherwise. Combining a pocket playstyle with sharp technical maneuvers, Anika’s musicianship draws from a seamless blend of influences and a seemingly bottomless well of creativity. The German drummer, composer, and educator is living proof that it’s truly never too late to start.

7. Luke Holland

Another mainstay in the scene, Luke Holland has amassed over one hundred million views on his channel with his unapologetic covers and drum remixes. His kit sound is tight and dry, keenly complementing his technical and witty playstyle that often flirts with the vocals and other aspects of the arrangement while maintaining a solid groove. For those who enjoy his signature sound, Luke Holland has also made his one-shots, loops, and more available via his sample pack, which is a true blessing for drummers and non-drummers alike.

8. Wilfred Ho

Wilfred Ho is a criminally underrated drummer. While his preferred sonic palette seems to be metal (his double-bass skills are disgusting in the best way possible), Wilfred also demonstrates a full command over a range of styles spanning hip hop to math rock (see above). Even though he only has 1% – 10% of the subscribers of anyone else on this list, his talents hold their own against all of them—and it feels like only a matter of time before he takes off.

9. Eric Moore

A driving force behind the gospel chops movement, Eric Moore is a veteran drummer who practically needs no introduction. While his channel’s videos are sporadic and unpolished, a smartphone recording is plenty to capture his oozing musicianship for his audience. From chops to pocket, Eric Moore has got it all on lock, and his channel is great to keep tabs on for both innovative ideas and timeless sounds alike.

10. Kristina Schiano

Last but certainly not least is Kristina Schiano. While she admittedly might not be as technical or air-tight as many of the other drummers on this list, experienced musicians will know that there’s so much more to artistry than just chops. Kristina leans into covering the ageless classics of nostalgic pop-punk and rock bands (Paramore, Linkin Park, Nirvana—the list goes on), and her free and energetic performances are where she really shines. She has also created a true sense of community on her channel, and her remarkable journey and crystal-clear passion for the drums have undoubtedly inspired countless people to pick up the sticks themselves.

Who are your favorite drummers on YouTube?

At the end of the day, it’s impossible to highlight only ten drummers out of so many incredible musicians on the platform. Some quick honorable mentions include drummers who aren’t currently uploading on a regular basis due to other commitments like Matt McGuire and Senri Kawaguchi, drummers from major bands who have recently started their own channels like Travis Barker (blink-182), Chris Turner (Oceans Ate Alaska), and Tomoya Kanki (ONE OK ROCK), and general but invaluable resources like Drumeo.

All that said, we want to hear from you: Who are your favorite drummers on YouTube? Did you make any new discoveries from this list? Start a conversation with us on Discord.

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January 25, 2022

Harrison Shimazu

Harrison Shimazu is a composer, content strategist, and writer who’s passionate about democratizing music creation and education. He leads the Splice blog and produces vocaloid music as Namaboku.