This week on Splice – Feb 24th

New Sample Pack


Sullivan King and his axe are back.  Ominous strings, screaming guitar leads; filthy synths: this pack’s got everything you need to channel your inner (or outer) metalhead.


Singular Sounds exclusive pack draws from styles like future bass, trap, r&b and tropical house, to name a few. Push the envelope on your next track with their uplifting chords, crisp drum hits, organic percussion and more.


Every producer’s toolkit should include some killer vocal top-lines. These vocals can make or break a track, providing that essential hook you require to catch the ear of the listener. Check them out!

New Label


You know that comprehensive collection of vocal samples you’ve been waiting for? Soundiron just landed on Splice Sounds with packs spanning everything from beatbox hits, dreamy female tones, gritty metal growls and operatic voices. Get that 0-credit repack.

Fresh Content


KSHMR is back with four more tutorials that give you a window into how he does his thing. Learn how to make vocals sound powerful, how to use snare drums creatively, and how to program orchestral and ethnic instruments in the style of you-know-who.


If you’re just starting out as a producer or are curious about getting into mixing, this four-part tutorial series, which we’ll be releasing in installments of the next month, is definitely for you. This week, learn about what goes into preparing to make a mix for yourself or for a client.

February 24, 2017

Reuben Raman Product Marketing Manager at Splice