Splice Tips: Blending Genres in a Single Track with Figure and Dirty Deeds’ “The Blob”

Changing genres and styles in a single track can transform your production and build a lot of excitement in your song’s arrangement. There are several approaches to doing this including creating tempo changes, varying up drum patterns, bass lines and more. In this tutorial, educator and sound designer Chris Petti explains techniques for “switching up” genres in a single track. You can watch the video below and sign up for Splice to download the associated tutorial project file to open it in your DAW.

Also be sure to check out the original project from Figure and Dirty Deeds entitled “The Blob”  (below) which inspired this tutorial.

In the original track from Figure and Dirty Deeds, drum pattern changes and bass line changes perfectly blend elements of Drumstep, Dubstep and Drum & Bass. Explore this track and learn how to incorporate some of these techniques in your own music

July 9, 2015