Meet CoSo, Splice’s music creation surface for instant inspiration

This article features an older version of our app—learn more about all of the latest features, and download the new Splice mobile app here.

At Splice, we’re really into designing ways to bring you instant inspiration.

That’s why we’ve been hard at work on CoSo, our new music creation surface for iOS and Android.

What is CoSo?

CoSo is your dream collaborator. Its AI-assisted technology listens to your creations in real time and serves up ‘complementary sounds’ (hence the name) from across the vast Splice catalog to feed your music-making instincts while you create. It flips samples in different styles, keys, and tempos to unlock billions of musical outcomes that shift with every decision you make. The result? Musically relevant loops in split-seconds—and more time focussing on what really matters: making music.

To get started, download the CoSo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and sign in to your Splice account (or create one for free). Next, create a Stack by choosing a style, and add up to eight layers of Splice loops—from beats and bass to strings, pads, keys, and even vocals. Swipe right for a new sound, swipe left to delete, tap a layer to mute it, and long-press to solo.

Once you’ve made your Stack, you can save it and duplicate it to take your creation in a new direction. You can share with collaborators via a unique URL, and locate the individual samples on Splice, where you can drag-and-drop into your DAW for building into a full song. The idea with CoSo is that it’s an inspiring way to make music, whatever path you’re on.

This technology is now also available on our web experience via Create:

May 2, 2022