Lao Ra on creativity, vocals, and collaboration

Laura Carvajalino Avila, a.k.a. ‘Lao Ra,’ is a Colombian singer-songwriter from Bogotá, Colombia.

The singer’s combination of energetic beats and blunt lyrics results in a unique ‘subversive pop’ sound that takes nods from an array of styles and genres.

In celebration of the release of her sample pack, Lao Ra sat down with us above to discuss her perspectives on creativity, singing, collaboration, and more. “I feel like when I worked with major labels, I was always definitely more focused on writing ‘the pop song,'” she tells us. “And I was also younger, when you let yourself be too influenced by people you might think know better than you. But I think record labels should stop pushing artists to repeat the formula that already works, and instead just give them the tools and the time to find something new—because the new thing is the fresh thing, not the copy of the old stuff. Everyone’s going to remember the first one.”

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Incorporate Lao Ra’s sounds into your own productions:

November 29, 2022

Harrison Shimazu

Harrison Shimazu is a composer, content strategist, and writer who’s passionate about democratizing music creation and education. He leads the Splice blog and produces vocaloid music as Namaboku.