Hello World! This is Splice.

Today, we are thrilled to announce Splice in private beta and with our first round of funding! Our team has built a platform by musicians for musicians – integrated into their workflows, customizable to meet their individual needs, and designed to enhance the creative process.

The vision for Splice began when the music-loving founders of the company found themselves in frequent conversation with fellow musicians about the technological challenges involved in making music. Each program and application used in music creation is a siloed process, contributing to a fragmented and frustrating workflow. Even mundane operations like naming and backing up files can cause major headaches. Trying to collaborate with other artists only compounds these issues.

The challenge of working across multiple platforms is not unique to musicians. However the tools available to musicians often seem decades behind those used by other types of digital creators. Why can’t musicians enjoy the same kind of intuitive, cutting-edge tools that have streamlined the creative process for others?

And so, Splice was born. We want to help artists by building technology that both respects and enhances their workflows. Splice integrates seamlessly with the digital audio workstations that musicians and producers already use, and unites the entire creative process from idea to release.

Splice automatically backs up your music projects to the cloud, tracking every change you make and analyzing dependencies like samples, instruments, and plugins. We know that music inspiration may strike at any moment, even at remote workstations. Act on that itch by having complete access to your digital studio wherever you go; no more carting around hefty hard drives.

Splice goes beyond backing up and organizing your projects. We understand their DNA – the individual tracks, clips, samples, synths and presets and how they come together. By parsing these basic building blocks, Splice opens up new opportunities for artists and producers to share their work in their own language — to reveal the source code behind their music. Share music on a granular level with whomever you want, whether a select few for feedback or the world to remix — it’s up to you.

From devoted fans to amateur musicians to A-list producers, we all share a deep and fundamental interest in the way that music is made. We believe that Splice will empower its users to expand the creative process beyond the studio walls. Join Splice, and help us make music better.

October 9, 2013