Dot of Team Supreme talks about her summer artist program, Sonic Identity

Sonic Identity is an online Artist Development Program created by Kate Ellwanger (Dot of TeamSupreme and Unspeakable Records.) to guide producers, songwriters, and musicians of all backgrounds on a journey of discovering their unique sound as they create an original body of work during the course

We took some time to chat with Kate about the program and what it entails.

Splice: Tell us more about Sonic Identity and what are your goals for this course?

Kate: I created Sonic Identity in order to provide artists with resources and ways of thinking that our current education systems don’t currently provide. I’ve spent a lot of time in music education as both student and professor, and while a lot of the schools and institutions that I’ve been a part of have been great places to learn the technical side of music production, I’ve noticed that many of these programs overlook our entire reason for being there: to find our purpose, clarify our message, and use the music to express what is within us.

S: Who is this course good for?

K: This course is for any producer, songwriter, or musician who has some proficiency in their respective workstation/instrument and is looking to elevate the quality and quantity of their creative output. I’ve worked with everyone from self-taught bedroom producers to top-tier conservatory graduates, and every artist has something to gain from this program regardless of prior training. What matters most is to have a passion for your craft and a willingness to move outside of your comfort zone.

S: How is Sonic Identity different from any other online music production class out there?

K: As far as I know, this program is the only one that incorporates meditation techniques, journal assignments, and daily “sonic challenges” into the curriculum. An artist’s music is not solely determined by what happens in the time they spend in the studio, rather, their entire lives and belief systems contribute to their work. My teaching takes a much more holistic approach than what I’ve observed at other schools, so Sonic Identity is designed to complement “traditional” music education and/or technical practice.

S: Is there something that you hope students can walk away from this course?

K: My biggest goal is to have every artist leave the program with at least one song they feel great about sharing with the world, and to go forward with a new set of creative strategies that can carry them through a lifetime of music-making. I’ve also had the honor of witnessing some incredible collaborations between artists who met through this program, so it is my hope that these connections continue to blossom in the future.

S: Any success stories of previous students that you’ll like to share with us?

K: Program grads have gone on to release the work they create in this program independently and on labels, make remixes for world-famous producers, create their own music collectives, land internships at major recording studios in NY/LA, and even quit their day jobs to become full-time artists! I’m not able to go into much detail since my work with Sonic Identity participants is confidential, but I will be sharing more successes via social media with their permission in the future.

All program participants will receive a free month of Splice Sounds with 50 additional credits.

Sign up for Sonic Identity, check out Splice Sounds, and take a listen to Dot’s Sample Pack!

July 10, 2017

Reuben Raman Product Marketing Manager at Splice