Cultivating an open ecosystem for musicians

When you come to Splice today, you’ll notice we’ve got a new logo.

While we’ve evolved our look, who we are hasn’t changed. For the past five years, we’ve shown up every day to help musicians realize their creative potential and unleash it on the world.

We do this in two ways: by evolving the creative process and creating new opportunities for musicians to thrive. Our logo is a visual representation of these two sides of the creative journey, flowing together in harmony.

As Splice continues to grow, we’re guided by our core values:

We represent all musicians

Musicians are diverse. We strive to serve all of them, and we never assume that musicians make one kind of music in one way.

We put the musician first

We are advocates for the artist. We elevate their voice, their craft, and their careers.

We spark creativity

We’re here to inspire ideas and empower progress.

We foster and celebrate openness

We encourage musicians to share their process and progress because we believe this openness moves forward the culture of music creation.

Splice is and always has been a collaboration. Together, we cultivate a creative, open ecosystem. Together, we let creativity flow like never before. Thank you for helping us get to where we are today. There’s a beautiful world ahead for music, and we’re shaping it together.


Steve & Matt

August 14, 2018