The best tools for music producers (free sounds included)

From sound design plugins to platforms for sharing your music, there’s an endless sea of resources out there for music creators.

With so many options available, finding the right tools for your needs can sometimes feel like a daunting endeavor. In the video above, veteran producer and beat maker Isaac Duarte shares a focused list of tools that will help music producers across various backgrounds and experience levels advance on their creative journeys. Watch along for in-depth insights on each entry, and download them below.

The best tools for music producers

Websites and online platforms:

  2. Offtop
  4. Pianobook
  5. Databass AI

Plugins (paid):

  1. Cluster Delay by Minimal Audio
  2. Trifecta by Sauceware Audio
  3. Synth Analogy by UVI
  4. Classic T-RacKS Clipper by IK Multimedia
  5. SoundShifter by Waves

Plugins (free):

  1. Numa Player by Studiologic
  2. BFD Player by BFD Drums
  3. The Free Orchestra by ProjectSAM
  4. Shreddage 3 Stratus Free by Impact Soundworks
  5. ZENOLOGY Lite by Roland
  6. Syntronik 2 by IK Multimedia
  7. Bucket ONE by Full Bucket Music
  8. Mono/Fury by Full Bucket Music
  9. Ny by Full Bucket Music

DAW features:

  1. FL Studio’s Stem Separation tool

Download free sounds

If you’d like to incorporate the collection of analog synth one-shots that Isaac mentioned in the video into your own productions, you can download them for absolutely free here.

Have you used any of these tools in your own music before? Are there any gems that we missed? Let us know in the comments section of the video, and subscribe to the Splice YouTube channel for more tips, tutorials, and insights.

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December 2, 2023

Harrison Shimazu

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