The 15 best Black Friday deals for music production (2021)

The best time of the year for music producers is here—Black Friday week.

…Or the worst time, if you’re someone who gets overwhelmed by the countless social media posts, notifications, and emails with all-caps subject lines. This year, we decided we wanted to put together a tight and curated list for those who want to block out the noise and know about the deals that are among the best of the best. From significant mark-downs on the latest plugins to solid discounts on long-time industry staples, below we’ve identified 15 Black Friday (2021) deals for music creators.

1. iZotope

From the sound design prowess of VocalSynth 2 to the intelligent mastering algorithms of Ozone 9, some of the most advanced tools out there that span the entire creative process are crafted by the team at iZotope. In addition to various other discounted plugin and bundle offerings, for Black Friday iZotope is offering their Holiday Bundle Gold Edition for just $49 (which includes Ozone Elements, Neutron Elements, RX Elements, Nectar Elements, and more).

2. Arturia

Arturia is known for their leading software as well as their hardware, and this year, they’re offering some great deals on both. From 50% off on their flagship software like V Collection 8, FX Collection 2, and Pigments 3 to special bundle offers with their controllers, Arturia has something for both in-the-box and out-of-the-box workflows.

3. XLN Audio

Spanning both instruments and effects, XLN Audio’s plugins are easily among the most beloved tools across bedroom and high-end studios alike. Between now and Cyber Monday, XLN Audio are offering 50% off of every single one of their individual products. So if you’ve been thinking about laying down tight grooves with Addictive Drums or adding warmth and wobble to your masters with RC-20 Retro Color, now is likely the best time to strike.


Following a tradition they kicked off last year, KORG are doing something that’s a bit unique from the rest. Via their annual ‘volcavember’ contest, participants can win a suite of gear by submitting a video entry that includes one or more of the KORG volcas. Check out their Instagram post for more details on how to enter.

5. Output

Output is a software manufacturer that has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years, adored for their unique-sounding and diverse array of effects and software instruments (which have been used by the likes of Rihanna, Coldplay, and Diplo). From now until December 6th, Output are offering 35% off of all of their software, and you can save over 65% with their bundle.

6. Minimal Audio

Don’t let their modest name deceive you—from their flagship distortion plugin Rift to their cinematic sample packs, Minimal Audio truly has a lot to offer. This year, you can use their coupon code minimal-35 to get a sizable 35% off their array of offerings.

7. Dharma Worldwide

KSHMR’s sample packs are some of the most popular on Splice Sounds, and label Dharma Worldwide is offering them (in addition to the KSHMR Essentials plugin) for 50% off. Whether it’s one-shots, loops, MIDI, or Serum presets, KSHMR has crafted a wide array of distinctive yet iconic sounds for you to incorporate into your productions.

8. PreSonus

PreSonus have been around since 1995, and they’ve certainly stood the test of time—from studio monitors to Studio One, PreSonus’ products have always remained at the forefront of innovation across the years. Until Cyber Monday, they’re offering 30% off on Studio One (Artist, Professional, and Upgrades), Notion, and new annual memberships in PreSonus Sphere.

9. D16 Group

D16’s steadfast commitment to fostering creativity and their desire to constantly raise the bar have maintained them as a leader in music production since 2006. This Black Friday, they’re offering 50% off all of their products so that you can dive into sound design, mixing, mastering, and more with more ease than ever.

10. Studiotime

Studiotime is one of the most popular platforms for discovering and booking music studios. This year, they’re offering studios 20% off for both annual and semi-annual subscriptions for listings—you can get started with listing your studio by selecting a subscription and entering the promo code ST20 here.

11. Soundtoys

Known for their powerful yet easy-to-use plugins like Decapitator and Little AlterBoy, Soundtoys are a mainstay in the music production landscape. Until December 1st, you can enjoy 55% of Soundtoys 5 and over 70% off many of their individual plugins.

12. Spitfire Audio

World-class virtual instrument company Spitfire are offering Aperture—a collection of instruments colored by a staggering 56 virtual amps and 4 subs—for absolutely free between November 25th and November 30th if you spend $349 or more with them. While that cost may be high for many, if you’ve been eyeing their excellent suite of orchestral instruments, then perhaps now is the time to make the investment.

13. Neural DSP

A manufacturer we covered in our recent post on guitar amp simulator plugins, Neural DSP crafts “algorithmically perfect” sounds in partnership with today’s best guitarists including the likes of Tim Henson and Cory Wong. Until November 30th, they’re blessing guitar players around the world with 50% off their plugins.

14. Sweetwater

Last but not least, we have Sweetwater—the Amazon of instruments and music production gear. If you’re on the market for any physical instruments (or even software), definitely consider reviewing their deals before you make a purchase. While the discounts are as high as 70%, their sale only lasts until November 27th, so don’t delay too long.

15. Splice

Lastly, we have a quick little deal of our own—from Cyber Monday to December 15th, we’ll be offering extended free trials of Audiaire’s Zone, Zenith, and Nuxx—try each plugin for an entire month on us before you decide whether you want to begin your Rent-to-Own journey.

If you miss these deals…

If you miss the sale period on any of these deals or simply prefer the flexibility of incremental payments towards ownership, many of the plugins from the above software manufacturers are also available on Rent-to-Own—see their respective pages below:

Hopefully we were able to help you make a new discovery or purchase that’s going to become an invaluable part of your music creation process!

November 23, 2021

Harrison Shimazu Harrison Shimazu is a music composer, content strategist, and writer who's passionate about democratizing music creation and education. He leads the Splice blog.