Explore Arrangement Templates for the iTunes Top 5 Including Taylor Swift, Mark Ronson, Ed Sheeran

Recently, we examined compositional techniques from the top 5 selling tracks on Beatport and discovered some of the many methods that producers use when crafting their arrangements.

This week we have our sights set on the top 5 selling tracks on iTunes, each of which contain an abundance of subtle pop oriented arrangement cues and techniques that set them apart from the pack and that have helped propel them to over 350 million views combined on YouTube. Arrangement is an integral component for any piece of music – it frames the message in a way that feels fresh and interesting for the audience and determines the song’s overall flow so that it feels like it’s always moving forward. Check out these arrangement templates below to learn and incorporate some of their methods in to your own projects.

To get started exploring these arrangements, sign up for Splice and download the projects below – they’ll open up right in GarageBand ready to go! Remember  – if you are a Logic user, you can download open these templates as well.

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December 22, 2014