5 useful iOS apps for making music

Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly recognized presence in music production.

As tablets, phones, and iOS apps become more powerful, endless possibilities are extending to the creator-on-the-go or anyone looking to take a detour from making tunes exclusively behind a computer screen. With the recent release of his collaborative album Bandana, producer Madlib shared a tweet to all of his followers, stating “I made all of the beats for Bandana on my iPad.”

This comment not only sparked curiosity, but sparked numerous discussions within music production communities about the growing potential of making music on mobile devices. In previous articles, we’ve showcased free plugins that can help you level up your music production on your desktop. In this article, we’ll be moving away from the computer and sharing five useful (and perhaps lesser-known) iOS apps for creators looking to delve deeper into the mobile music making world.

1. The Splice mobile app

The new Splice mobile app empowers you to act on your inspiration when you’re not in front of your DAW. By putting the Splice Sounds library into your pocket, the app allows you to browse, preview, and download sounds while you’re on the go. Your sounds sync seamlessly across the Splice Sounds mobile and desktop apps, so when you’re back at a DAW and ready to create, the sounds that spoke to you are waiting.


Download the Splice mobile app for iOS and Android.

2. BeatMaker 3 by INTUA

To the beatsmith or any creative who’s accustomed to working in a traditional DAW, INTUA’s BeatMaker 3 is a great app to try, as it provides the basic functionalities of any traditional workstation such as multitrack audio and MIDI recording. It also includes built-in effect processing and in-app instruments, allowing creators to lay down a solid foundation for their ideas.

Find BeatMaker 3 on the App Store here.

3. Patterning 2: Drum Machine by Olympia Noise Co.

An alternative to the traditional path of beat making, Patterning 2: Drum Machine is not only fun to use, but also a very powerful tool to implement into your creative flow. Not only does it allow for you to create a wide range of drum grooves in real time, the built-in effects also assist in sculpting immaculate tonal atmospheres that can truly inspire.

Find Patterning 2: Drum Machine on the App Store here.

4. Audiobus 3 by Audiobus Pty Ltd

Audiobus 3 is a neat app if you’re looking to have a means for your music making apps to communicate with one another (such as recording the audio from one app, like Beatmaker 3, to another).

Find Audiobus 3 on the App Store here.

5. Korg Gadget 2 by KORG INC.

Last but not least, Korg Gadget 2 may be one of the most powerful music production apps available in the App Store. Not only does it work as a DAW to lay down your creations, it also offers 40 small synthesizers (also called “gadgets”) at your fingertips, allowing you to craft any sound you can imagine.

Find Korg Gadget 2 on the App Store here.

What do you think? Do you have any other Android or iOS apps you’d recommend as well? Share with us below and let’s build together!

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November 18, 2019

D Morrow D Morrow is a Los Angeles-based music producer, sound designer, and audio engineer who also goes by the alias Mitrxxx. He is currently working with the CX Team at Splice.