Upgrade your Rent-to-Own software

We’re excited to share a new and easy way to upgrade your production setup without your wallet taking a hit.

When a new paid version of your software is released (like iZotope’s Ozone 9 and Neutron 3), you’ll now have the option to upgrade for the same low monthly rate you were paying for the older one. Extend your original rental timeline to pay off the discounted price of the upgrade, then own it forever.

No commitments, no hidden fees. Pause and restart your plan any time. Once you upgrade, you’ll have immediate access to the new version while maintaining access to the older one and any projects created on it.


By upgrading, you’re working toward ownership of both versions. You’ll still pay off and own the license to the older version as planned, then own the license of the upgrade once it’s paid in full.

You’re eligible for an upgrade if you’ve started a trial or have made at least one payment on an older Rent-to-Own plan of the given software. If you’ve already paid off the lease of the older version and own your license, no problem. You’ll start a new rental period with low monthly payments for the upgrade.

Learn more about upgrading your Rent-to-Own software.

June 6, 2019