How Production Duo Baewatch Use Splice to Collaborate

Anthony Torres and Jayson Earles have been using Splice since early beta. These two producers started a duo project called Baewatch after discovering each other’s music online. They have never actually met in person! With Anthony in Colorado and Jayson in New Jersey, these two producers have been using Splice to collaborate and their remix of “No Flex Zone” just reached over 2 million plays on SoundCloud. You can sign up for Splice and learn more about their collaborative workflow with the platform.

Splice: Can you tell us about this project?

Jayson: Our buddy Frank who actually named Baewatch, told us we should make a remix of this track because he expected it to blow up soon. We ran with the idea and were really happy with the outcome. The response from the public has been unreal and we never expected it to get the attention it did.  From the millions of loops that spun off, people doing silly things on vine with the track playing in the background, to multiple uploads on Soundcloud and YouTube and garnering support from people we look up to most like Diplo and more! We couldn’t be any happier with the way the release went. We chose to feature this track not only because of the response it received, but because people were asking in comments about how we produced this, especially how we made these trap drums.We actually made our own 808s with Ableton’s stock plugin Operator, so we feel this will be really useful to other producers.

Splice: Describe your music and production background? How’d you guys start working together? What DAW/gear do you use?

Jayson: I’ve played in bands in my teenage years and have always been musically involved all throughout my life. The turning point for me was when I was working as a stagehand for a Steve Aoki show in 2011. I was really intrigued by the environment and energy that his set put out. It really opened my mind up to the scene and from then on I started producing EDM.

Anthony: I started producing hip hop about 7 years ago. I downloaded Reason and was working off a Dell computer and desktop computer speakers. I dabbled in EDM but wasn’t taking it super seriously and only produced some amateur sounds. In 2008, I moved to California and found out my cousin was a DJ at a huge night club party in hollywood called HEIST THURSDAYS. I decided to go to the club but didn’t expect to hear EDM being played. Electro and Steve Aoki were barely household names and I had no idea what I got myself into. A few drinks in and I was dancing to some house music and it inspired me to start making EDM.

Jayson and I both met when we were working on separate collaborations with an artist named E-VO. We both stumbled on each others music online and liked each others work. This opened the door for us to collaborate on four other projects that we really liked. Everything just took off from there. We realized we had good chemistry when we worked together.

Splice: How did you collaborate prior to Splice, and how has that changed since using Splice?

Jayson: Before Splice, we would send projects back and fourth between Dropbox. It was an absolute hell. Splice has made life much easier for us as collaborators as we are in different times zones. Honestly we don’t know if Baewatch would have made it just using Dropbox.

Splice: What do you hope the Splice community gets out of this public release?

Jayson: We hope that the Splice community gains some insight on our style of producing this genre and especially how we make our Trap sound.

Splice: Any other upcoming Splice projects you want to tell us about?

Jayson We have a Deep House track titled “Energy” that is dropping for free on Crooker’s label CIAO Recs on March 3rd. The track was created and produced all using Splice. We would be happy to share more projects in the future.

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February 27, 2015