We want to help a million more people make music

Just this year alone, you and fellow artists have paid over $11 million to other musicians for their sounds on Splice.

This revenue is providing crucial resources to musicians whose incomes have been erased or impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent interview with Music Business Worldwide, Splice’s Chief Music Officer Maria Egan dives deeper into the impact of this payout, in addition to other initiatives that we’ve launched and next steps we’re planning to take to continue fostering the music creator community.

“My job at Splice… is to help a million more people make music,” Egan notes in the interview. “I believe everybody’s a musician. Everybody has that innate desire to connect through music and rhythm and melody, whether it’s just as a fan or whether we want to sing in the choir, or you want to pursue it professionally. That’s in everybody.”

“Allowing people the tools, access, and a way to collaborate with their heroes is part of the vision. You can collaborate with Murda Beatz through his pack. We’re listening constantly to our community. We’re really trying to take a lot of cues from the research we do with our pros and with beginners about what they need next. The roadmap for next year is definitely underway right now. I’m thinking about what ways can we innovate to support the creative community.”

Whether it’s working alongside Jammcard to support veteran touring musicians or creating new experiences that empower beginners, we aim to continue helping as many people make music as possible in the coming months and beyond. Check out Music Business Worldwide’s full interview with Egan for more.

October 30, 2020