Watch this Video and Learn How Panic Bomber Uses Splice for Solo Workflow and Backup

Richard Haig aka Panic Bomber has been using Splice since its early beta, mostly for creating music on the private studio side. With releases on his own label, John Digweed’s Bedrock Records and several others, it’s important to him to have all of his tracks and revisions available to him at the click of a button and safely backed up in the cloud.

panic bomber using splice

Watch the video below to learn how Panic Bomber uses Splice for his private workflow and how it saved him from losing his work when a newer version of a project he had been creating couldn’t load his samples in Native Instruments Battery 4. Also be sure to sign up for Splice and check out his Ableton Live session for “Inside, The Rhythm” (below). The project features great analog drum sounds and a solid groove layered with filed recordings and a deep, effected vocal to carry the song as the arrangement progresses. Try creating your own version of Panic Bomber’s track!

VIDEO: How Panic Bomber Uses Splice

February 6, 2015