Kaelin Ellis, SW8VY, and UNIIQU3 on the artists who influenced their music

In celebration of Black Futures Month, we asked producers to create tracks in the style of a musician who inspired them.

Below, leading producers Kaelin Ellis, SW8VY, and UNIIQU3 share their thoughts and sounds.

Kaelin Ellis on Flying Lotus

“One of my favorite Black artists who inspired my work would have to be Flying Lotus,” Kaelin says. “Just the way that Flying Lotus maneuvers his sounds, how he manipulates sounds, how he reuses them… Flying Lotus, thank you for letting me know that it’s cool to be Black and weird.”

Watch Kaelin Ellis put together a track inspired by Flying Lotus here, and get the Collection of sounds he used here.

For more from Kaelin, check out his tutorial below, where he creates an entire beat by sampling a water bottle:

SW8VY on Teddy Pendergrass, D’Mile, and Kaelin Ellis

“It’s hard to choose just one,” SW8VY comments. “Teddy Pendergrass’ ‘Love T.K.O.’ made me dive into his catalog. That bassline is infectious and sings with so much emotion.”

“The way D’Mile incorporates late ’70s feel into his music inspired me vastly. Hearing him make music I loved such as ‘Ready for Love’ or ‘Misunderstood’ (which is one of my favorites) sort of gave me permission to reject the ‘dumb it down’ approach and embrace my musicianship and learn how to present it in a digestible manner.”

“Kaelin Ellis’ drum grooves are special because they’re extremely unique but equally digestible. It’s a beautiful blend of church mixed with experimentation, and innovators like him are what facilitate the evolution of the arts.”

SW8VY ended up picking all three—watch him seamlessly blend his influences into a track here, and get the Collection of sounds he used here.

See SW8VY come together with Kaelin Ellis for an in-depth production walkthrough:

UNIIQU3 on Crystal Waters

“I chose the house music icon Crystal Waters, as her music has always inspired me since I was a child, hearing her power house vocals belted from the speakers of someone’s car in Newark, NJ,” UNIIQU3 tells us. “From ‘Gypsy Woman’ to ‘100% Pure Love,’ her music continues to host good memories for me and I take inspiration from her to give my fans who enjoy my music that same experience.”

Watch UNIIQU3 put together a track inspired by Crystal Waters here, and get her Collection of favorite sounds here.

If you enjoyed UNIIQU3’s track, also be sure to check out her tutorial below, where she breaks down how to make Jersey club beats:

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February 28, 2023