Julian Calor and Revealed Recordings Announce Contest Winners

This is a guest post from Julian Calor announcing the winner of the “Evolve” contest. Thanks to everyone who participated! Find the original contest page here

I want to thank each and every one of you who has been part of this contest. It’s great to see so many entries and to see everyone has put so much effort put into the remixes. Creativity, song structure and sound were the most important criteria for choosing the winning remix. Making the top 3 was a little bit difficult, but the final choice felt good with me! And in the end all contestants win, because you can never lose making music. 😉

Grand Prize Winner – Monartic

I really like how he changed the whole vibe of the track into a more dreamy one. The mixdown fits the song well, it’s tight and energetic. I like that 🙂 Subtle use of my stems and a good choice of chords that complement the vocals in a good way. definitely a winner!

Runner Ups

David Afrika: Loving the groovy twist that David gave to the track. Nice for dj’s that play more groove and still want euphoric breaks. It kinda reminds me of Dannic’s earlier tracks. That’s a compliment!

Will Easton: Had to include this one in my top 3. I like the original chords, and the way he used my guitarish arpeggio in the drops.

Community Prize – Ronan Mullins

July 28, 2015