Exploring Cinematic Packs on Splice Sounds

With over 750,000+ samples spanning across a myriad of genres, Splice Sounds has some of the best creative offerings for every type of producer, amateur to skilled professionals. Today, we take a look at some of the cinematic and atmospheric packs at our disposal. Such packs are great for film scoring, short films, and creating atmospheric beds in any genre of production.

1. Mood & Key

Cinematic / ambient music is a great tool to reinforce a mood that a producer/director wants to achieve in a certain scene. Knowing the mood that you would want to evoke puts you in a comfortable position to start curating samples that you would need. Using the most basic of analogies, a major key usually correlates to a happy / cheerful / positive mood while a minor key lends to a more dark / sad / mood. Chord types such as a suspended, diminish, and augmented provoke feelings of tension, suspense, fear and much more.

2. Tempo

The tempo of a cinematic track largely correlates to the mood of the track as well. For starters, a fast tempo track would conjure feelings of being hurried, or something building up to a resolution, or even feelings of excitement. On the other hand, slow tempo tracks can evoke feelings of contemplativeness, calm, suspense, fear and much more.

3. Be Creative!

The fun about producing cinematic track is that there is really no bounds to how creative you can be as long as the right mood is conveyed in the music. Some of the most creative cinematic tracks I’ve heard have both electronic and acoustic elements. Make use of Splice Sounds extensive catalog of samples to supplement your track. If you have not signed up, you can sign up here.

List of top Cinematic Sample Packs on Splice:


Dark Cinematic Orchestra Kits by Rankin Audio is one of my top picks to get you started on making cinematic music. The pack has a good mix of sub-sonic impacts, ambient percussion and orchestral instruments to enhance your productions.


When used in cinematic compositions, strings help enhance the mood of a given piece. Loopmasters Real Strings is a great pack for you to take a look at, offering over 600+ samples of different string melodies, crescendos and sweeps.


Often a solitary piano is sufficient for the scene you are scoring for. Other times, a piano is a good place to start when composing as it gives you an option of choosing chord progressions that may be useful to you. Famous Audio‘s Atmospheric Piano Themes pack is a great place to begin, offering a variety of piano chord progressions ranging from happy to sad moods.

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November 20, 2015

Reuben Raman Product Marketing Manager at Splice