How to design drum and bass sounds in Serum

Drum and bass is one of the many genres that powerhouse wavetable synth Serum excels in.

In the tutorial above, veteran DJ and producer Erb N Dub breaks down how to design polished drum and bass sounds in Serum in under five minutes. From sculpting harmonics via the wavetable position parameter to stacking multiple timbres for full-sounding tracks, he covers a wide array of key sound design topics.

“There’s so much you can do with a drum loop and three patches,” Erb N Dub says. “In just a few minutes, we managed to make a commercial-sounding drum and bass record… We’ve pretty much got a banger-on-the-go.”

If you’re interested in incorporating some of Erb N Dub’s sounds into your own productions, be sure to also check out his Dubplate Killers sample pack, which contains the drum loop that was also featured in the tutorial.

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September 17, 2023

Harrison Shimazu

Harrison Shimazu is a composer, content strategist, and writer who’s passionate about democratizing music creation and education. He leads the Splice blog and produces vocaloid music as Namaboku.