Artist Stories: DRZL Production Trio

This week we had an opportunity to catch up with production trio, Austin Wallace, Jake Dawson and Joseph McDougall, better known to the Splice community as drzlofficial. We asked them to tell us about their release “Invincible” and to show us how Splice fits into their production workflow.

What inspired you to share this track with the Splice community?

Invincible was Joseph McDougall’s first song he ever made. You can actually find the original track on our Splice. Thanks to the help of the rest of DRZL (Austin Wallace and Jake Dawson) along with Alsviik and DaniKis, we were able to take this track to a whole new level!

We wanted to share our track over Splice so that users can “splice” the track and do as they wish with it! The more people who remix and edit our track, the better! Nothing is cooler than seeing someone recreating your work and put their own spin on it! As long as they give us credit for creating the original piece of course.

Splice in our opinion is one of the best things to happen to the music production scene here in the US. It allows producers to quickly and easily share music while giving producers the necessary components of the tracks to allow for remixing, bootlegs, and other re-imaginings of tracks. Splice community is definitely the next step for EDM music production.

Tell us about your approach to writing and production. Any favourite sample packs or plugins?


It all begins with us preparing for our various shows. We will often hear a song that we really like and get inspiration from producers like San Holo, Odesza, Flume, Marshmello, Sound Remedy, and even harder music like Flosstradamous and Troyboi. We like to not be bounded to specific genres but try to experiment with all forms of EDM. From there we will get together and try various beats and melodies until we finally find something we want to roll with. We really love using Native Instruments plugins in our music: With our Maschine studio, we will use Massive, Maschine, and Kontakt. We sometimes use Sylenth as well.

You’re primarily a Ableton Live user. What is it about Ableton Live that makes it your DAW of choice?

We love using Ableton Live and is an extremely powerful software. It took quite a while to learn to use but now that we are close to fluent with it we would choose it over any other DAW. Its very user friendly and the things you can do with it are infinite.

Splice in our opinion is one of the best things to happen to the music production scene here in the US.

How has Splice had an impact on your production process or workflow?


Splice has sped up our production process tremendously. The three of us have very different schedules at times and Splice allows us to easily save our ideas to one location that is easily accessible anytime. We no longer have to force our schedules to line up just to collaborate on music. We can talk over the phone and work at our own computers! Its made every thing much easier to say the least. We don’t know what wed do with out splice at this point.

You’ve had quite a few users in the community Splice the project file for “Invincible” – what do you hope that they’ll do with it?

Just like any other artist, we are trying to spread our name to reach as many people as possible. By uploading “Invincible” to Splice we hope people will remix it, edit it, putting their own twist on the song and upload their work to Splice as well! As long as we get credit for the song we fully support it and hopefully some DJ’s will use it in their sets as well!

Where do you think that you music is headed next? Anything else you’d like to share with us?


Well our next plan is to move to Burbank, California this December. All three of us are planning to attend Icon Collective for a year and take our production skills to the next level. We are still fairly new to music production and have so much more to learn. We want to gain as much knowledge on the subject so we can create music that is timeless and believe Icon Collective is a perfect start for doing so.

We’d like to thank you for this interview. We are huge fans of Splice and it has definitely influenced our production process. We would like to thank Alsviik and DaniKis for their help making this track. They deserve as much credit as we do for the tracks competition! Make sure to follow them if you haven’t already!

DRZL is an edm production group consisting of Austin Wallace, Jake Dawson and Joseph McDougall. We are based out of Columbia SC and create all our own music. We play weekly at the Cotton Gin in 5 points Columbia so if you’re in town on a Friday come check us out!

We’d like to thank DRZL for taking the time to chat with us and for offering us some insight into their process. We’re looking forward to hearing many more tracks from them! Be sure to keep an eye on their Splice profile at drzlofficial for all of their latest projects and upcoming releases.

March 16, 2016

Reuben Raman Product Marketing Manager at Splice