Create music that conveys the feeling of nostalgia | Weekly Rhythm

Creating music from an entirely blank slate can be challenging.

Whether you’re feeling stuck or just want a fun challenge, our new SpliceTV series Weekly Rhythm is here to help spark your creativity. Every Monday at 5 pm EST, we’ll be revealing a new creative prompt on our Twitch channel for us to tackle together. Then, on Friday, we’ll be back on air to review your creations.

This week’s challenge is to create music that conveys the feeling of nostalgia.

And if you’re more of a vocalist / instrumentalist than a producer or just want a sketch to add upon, feel free to download the example track we created during Monday’s livestream:

If you’re looking for some quality sounds to get started with, check out our “FREE RN” section on the Splice Sounds homepage – these packs will be completely free for use for 24 hours.

Once you’ve made some music, send a .wav or .mp3 bounce over to us at In the subject line, please include your name and a 30-second timeframe (ex. 1:30 – 2:00) that you’d like us to play in the livestream, in the event that we have too many entries to review entire tracks.

We’re looking forward to hearing your submissions! Tune in to SpliceTV at 5 pm this Friday (May 1st) to watch us react to your music live.

April 28, 2020