Introducing SpliceTV: Your new creative routine

Tune in to our new daily livestream for music creators, every weekday at 5 pm EST.

Tap into a daily source of education, inspiration, and connection from Splice and friends. Every day, there’s something new, from tutorials and breakdowns led by renowned artists to creator challenges, real-time feedback sessions, and more. Whether you’re a beat maker or a songwriter, a vocalist or an instrumentalist, or a production veteran or an absolute beginner, we’ll have something to help each of you learn, connect, and create.

Join us on Twitch at 5 pm EST today for our inaugural stream. We’re kicking things off with Weekly Rhythm, a new Splice show where host Nick Chen drops a weekly creative prompt for us to tackle together. He’ll be back on air Friday to review your creations.

We’re all making new habits these days. We hope SpliceTV provides you a space for community, progress, and creative routine.

March 30, 2020