Ill.Gates Unveils New Akai APC40 Performance Template

Live 9 users rejoice! With a new version of Live and new year on the way, producer-friendly ill.Gates unveils his new APC40 performance template. Returning to a four-channel audio based foundation, this time around ill.Gates promises a “full-featured hub that provides a streamlined and robust backbone for any kind of live electronic performance.” The “Expander” sound pack will allow you to plug in a microphone, synth, guitar or anything you want. Grab the new template here. A champion of music education, Gates commonly offers sound packs, templates, workshops, mastering services and more through his website.

See ill.Gates perform on the template and check out the full feature list below!


  • 5 Cues Per Channel
  • VUMeter Remote Script by Will Marshall Displays RMS Levels
  • Smart Mix Faders Filter While Modifying Volume
  • Smart Mixing EQ Option Acts as Spectral Crossfader
  • High Pass and Low Pass Filters Per Side
  • 5 Selectable Performance Effects Per Side
  • Beat Repeat, Transform, Delay, Stop and Reverse ‘Punch-In’ or ‘Momentary’ Effects
  • Internal and External Mixing Options
  • Clip Pack System for ‘Load On The Fly’ Sets
  • Mac and PC Compatible
  • Hands On Feel… Very Tactile
  • All-new ‘Expander’ Sound Pack

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December 18, 2013