How to make a beat in Ableton Live Lite

Rhythm is among the most fundamental elements in music.

In the video above, we walk through how you can build a Drum Rack to sequence your very own beat in Ableton Live Lite. After watching the tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of how you can make your own drum grooves in Ableton.

Throughout the video, we touch on a number of concepts related to rhythm such as beats and measures. If you haven’t already, check out our introduction to rhythm that dives deeper into these concepts and more from a theoretical perspective – while it’s a lot to take in, having an understanding of the ideas covered in the piece will empower you to move forward in your creative process with even more clarity and confidence.

This video is part of a larger guide for making your first track; once you’ve watched it and taken the time to create a beat in the DAW yourself, head back to our curriculum and move on to our introduction to melody.

Make your first track from start to finish in Ableton Live Lite:

October 21, 2020

Dani DiCiaccio Dani DiCiaccio is the Director of Content Merchandising & Marketing at Splice. She also produces music under the name KYOSi.