Welcoming Katrina Owen

The Splice team is delighted to announce that Katrina Owen is joining our now even awesomer engineering team!

Katrina is a full stack polyglot developer and Ruby hero award winner. She’s known for her thought provoking tech presentations, the curriculum/classes she’s been designing and teaching and of course exercism.io – her free and open source, educational service to learn and perfect programming language skills.

At Splice, we are trying to build a culture of excellence, and by that I don’t mean that we are building an elitist team. We’re focusing on developing our potential by identifying our individual strengths, what drives us and what helps us grow. It’s tough for engineers to find the right job, and there are few things worse for a startup than having a team member who doesn’t feel like she/he belongs.

Katrina is a great fit for our team and her work on exercism.io serves as a testament to that. In helping the community become better coders, Katrina’s values go hand in hand with Splice as we aim to make musicians’ lives easier. We are extremely excited to see how she’ll help develop our culture, and how her approach to education and desire to grow will affect our team and the Splice ecosystem as a whole.

June 9, 2014

Matt Aimonetti Matt leads the technical teams as a co-founder of Splice.